L’EFFONDRAS • Les Flavescences • Out!

Mar. 3rd, 2017
I’ve already Recorded and Mixed their first Album and their two EPs,
love this band so much that they had to be the first band I signed on Noise Parade.
les Flavescences therefore is « NP001 » and is now out!
It’s a unique no click, no edit, live played instrumental album recorded outdoor in the Cevennes National Park. Proud Producer, proud Recorder, proud Mixer, and proud AD then !


pogo Car Crash Control Cover

Fev. 6th, 2017
I’ve seen them live in a small bar in Paris a few months ago, and I didn’t know how to handle the extreme energy coming out of these kids …
« Do they even know how harsh and rude they sound ?! »
« They weren’t even born when Coabin died ! »
the kind of things rushing in my head at that moment …
I wanted so badly to crank them ten dB louder on each fuzz coming in … that they end up asking me to do it!
Such a pleasure to leave the mixer at the end of their show, totally amused, excited & proud.
Check out their never ending tour, chances are we’ll be in your town soon.


NOISE PARADE • Label birth !

NoiseParade Logo Jun. 12th, 2016
I’ve been thinking about this for years now…
Creating my own record label to produce artists I love.
Recovering the very basic reasons that pushed me yeeaaaaars ago into music.
Vigorous, sincere & sweaty bands.
Already Half time on the road and half time in the studio,
I’m also half time at the office now!

NATAS LOVES YOU • Naked People • Out!

Jun. 11th, 2015
I mixed more than 80 live shows for Natas Loves You this past year.
So it was quite an easy move for us to get into the studio to record this refreshing new song.
Have a look to the video, these guys literally have balls!


Apr. 1st, 2015
Here’s how I keep in mind what led me into music business at the very beginning …
I plug a guitar into a greasy fuzz pedal into a dirty 15″ bass amp, and make it loud !
Meredith’s both my band and my guilty pleasure, hope you’ll like being a teenager once again !


Jan. 10th, 2015
Here comes Baden Baden 2nd effort I produced!
A lot of hard work has been done in the making of this album, and i’m glad to read all these great press reviews, let’s hope listeners will enjoy it aswell !


It’s been quite a weird start for a new year…
Everyone still dazed and confused here in Paris,
but there’s no best time to love and to wish you a very happy new year in spite of everything.

L’EFFONDRAS • ⊙ • Out!

Leffondras LP1Dec. 20th, 2014
Sometimes, Records aren’t meant to laugh.
Sometimes they just are intolerant and intransigent Records.
There’s close to no chance at all these Records will impact the pop culture.
This one is one of them, and I’m really proud to be a part of it.


Natas-Loves-YouApr. 26th, 2014
Coming back from Le Printemps de Bourges, where these kids just played a terrific gig, seems to be the perfect time to tell you how proud I am to be mixing them on tour.
Check their tour dates, there’s a lot of them, and just come say hi !
Love you boys.

SCHLAUBERG • Legendes Locales • Out!

Schlauberg EP1Apr. 14th, 2014
Schlauberg’s 1st EP, Legendes Locales, is out today !